11th August 2015

Which Nail System to Choose CALGEL or OPI Gel


The similarities shared by both nail systems are: they are 100% gel; this means that they do not damage the natural nail. Both these gel nail systems allow the nail to breath throughout each layer of gel applied during treatment; therefore, with regular treatment the nail remains healthy. In fact, the gel aids the growth of the nail and provides additional protection to weaker nails therefore, nails become even healthier. Both systems use a curing system; Calgel via a UV Lamp and OPI Gel an LED light.

The differences are; the thickness of the gel and the maintenance. Calgel is a thicker system and is ideal for very weak nails and nail extensions. OPI Gel works best on the average healthy nail and for those who want the thickness of nail lacquer and longer lasting results in gel.

Calgel will require you to come back to the salon for nail maintenance. Whereas OPI Gel there is a new application every time. Both systems offer home care kits so you can soak off the gel at home. Both systems are equally as good and designed with the optimum nail care and best results.

Whatever system you choose, your nail will look amazing, the condition of the nails enhanced and the gel colour fresh and shiny.