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22nd January 2016

Sothys Oriental Massage Ritual Makes Me Happy!

Body Treatments

I was asked to think about my favourite treatment. I enjoy so many of the beauty treatments offered it was difficult. I eventually decided  it had to be the Sothys Oriental Massage Ritual…why, because it is the most luxurious body pamper! You are left feeling so relaxed, skin glowing and bright! From the moment the treatment starts, the room is filled with the rich and warm aromatic fragrances of the spices and oils, it is an indulgence for all the senses. The therapist uses warm aromatic bags which allows for a firmer massage and for the muscles to relax and completely let go. From top to toe, your body unwinds with the delicate acoustic music, you drift off to a place of utter relaxation. You will be back to the happy, bright, YOU again :-)