01st May 2015


CALGEL Nails , Wow!

Hi, it’s Sophie, I just wanted to let you know about the brilliant new offer we have at the moment with myself for Calgel Nail Extensions, normally £42 but I’m offering it to you for only £30 throughout May!

A lot of people wonder what Calgel is and why they should have it, this system is ideal for both on the natural nail and extensions. It is unique to the other gels on the market as it is a building gel; this means it can assist in the strengthening of the nails and dramatically improve the condition and aesthetic of the nails.

In comparison to other gels we use the infilling technique; so instead of soaking the gel off after a couple of weeks and reapplying; the gels will last approximately 3 to 4 infills before requiring a soak off and regel. This technique not only prevents weakening of the nail through over processing, it is also more cost effective to you.

If you opt for Calgel nail extensions you can be reassured they are also kind to the natural nails due to the technique of applying a layer of clear gel on the nail before the tip. As a result, the delicate nail bed is never effected by a Calgel maintenance, such as nail tip repair whereas other systems such as acrylic have a greater risk of the extensions setting into the nail bed and permanently damaging the nails.

Aftercare is so important in maintaining healthy nails and the upkeep of them. At BeautyQuest we like to supply all the aftercare products which include; top coat, cuticle oil, hand cream, cleanser, soak off and other tailored care products for the nails. You will never be stuck for choice of colours as we have a wide range for you to pick from, we opened up our pots earlier to show you all the choice you have.