02nd April 2015

Sothys Networking Event

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I would like to share with you my experiences of a fantastic four days consisting of Sothys networking, workshops & product demonstrations in Manchester.

I throughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss our experiences with Sothys treatments and try the facials for ourselves, this gave me further insight into what our clients experience, such as the amount of pressure to use through to the feel of different massage techniques.

My favourite treatment was the Eye Contour as it was different in that it specifically targets the eye area with great results. It reaffirmed to me that Sothys in-depth research into the ingredients really are innovative and exclusive; this event enabled me to appreciate their research and forward thinking nature – as I found from my results of trying the Eye Contour treatment.

I loved the porcelain spoons used on my eyes in the treatment as they have a duel function, to aid the creams penetrate the skin and the coolness of the spoons soothed and relieved pressure in the eye area. I had further benefits that I didn’t even expect, puffiness reduced, dark circles minimised, overall my eyes and eye area looked brighter.

We had lots of time to discuss different topics relating to treatments and during coffee breaks the chance to meet like minded people. I felt ready to go back to work happy to pass on my further Sothys knowledge to our clients.

Energising Facial

08th January 2014

Siberian Ginseng, the root to youth!!

Facial Treatments

A plant with miraculous active ingredients grows in the cold, faraway lands of Siberia. Its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each woman gives it power attained only by a select few…until now.

Sothys finally reveals this gem from a distant land and makes it a major ingredient in the new Sothys Intensive treatment – The Energising Facial: the source of its extraordinary ability to optimise the skin’s energy reserves. Siberian ginseng illuminates the skin with a wave of light and allows it to reveal its youthfulness like never before.

The skin begins the very first day of life with its own supply of energy reserve that act as a source of its glowing radiance for many years to come. But, when it is deprived of energy, the skin loses its radiance. It begins to show signs of ageing more or less early. Based on this simple oberservation, Sothys developed the Fil de Vie principle, which aims to compensate and preserve the integrity of the skin’s youth reserve in order to maintain the glowing radiance that ensures its beauty.

Regular Sothys professional treatment – the Energising Facial in beauty institute and the daily use of Sothys Energising products at home make it possible to effortlessly attain this result.


Source: 2014. Sothys. ‘Energy To Reveal a Glowing Youthful Skin’.

28th August 2013

Benefits of a Facial

Facial Treatments


A professional facial is way more than a luxury – it’s hygiene & exercise for the skin. Facials offer you the opportunity to work with a skincare specialist who will analyze your skin, help you improve your complexion & show you how to have proper homecare for your skin. A facial provides a deep cleansing, deeper than the cleansing you will get at home.

A facial includes deep cleansing, as well as exfoliation, which helps unclog your pores along with extracting (if necessary) to help rid skin of any blemishes. Your skin professional will help soften the skin with steaming moist towels, enzymes or other exfoliants particular to your skin’s needs. Your Aesthetician may choose a specific masque to detoxify, calm, energize, tone, lift or hydrate your skin.

A facial helps increase circulation & stimulate the skin. It can help slow down premature aging by custom- targeting your skincare. Facials are great preventative treatments to help you beat wrinkles before they occur. Keeping your skin hydrated will help keep the
skin moist and stop dehydration and more wrinkling.

A professional facial is recommended every 4-6 weeks, though can be given on a weekly basis – especially if you are experiencing unusual time of stress or menopause. During these times your skin can be unpredictable and experience breakouts.

To prolong the results of your facial, it is recommended that you are diligent with your homecare program, like cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting. Never skip on sun protection!

When received regularly, a facial massage can result in noticeable improvements to skin tone, texture & appearance. A proper facial massage can also restore the skin’s normal balance of oil and pH. Additionally, temporary results may include heightened skin softness & pliancy, increased circulation of blood to the face & an overall soothing of the spirit. As an added bonus, most people find receiving a professional facial to be exceptionally relaxing.