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05th May 2017

What Are the Benefits of Permanent Make Up?

Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent make up (PMU) is low maintenance, naturally enhancing and a confidence boosting treatment. It is ideal if you have a busy or active lifestyle or simply want to enhance what you have or haven’t already got.

Treatments offered at BeautyQuest are; Permanent Make Up, eyebrows, eyeliner, baby eyeliner, lash enhancement.

Benefits of:

Permanent Make-up Eyebrows
Ideal if you use eyebrow pencil or have sparse or no brows
Improves the shape & balance of the eyebrows
Evens and fills the brows giving them a finished and continual look

Permanent Eyeliner, Baby Eyeliner
Ideal if you apply or have difficultly applying eyeliner
Ideal for contact-lens wearers or those with allergies e.g. hay fever
Enhances shape & definition of the eye
Results are a wider and brighter eye area

Permanent Make-up Lip Blush, Contours,
Enhanced confidence that the lips always look perfect
The lips are fuller, plumper, improved shape overall
Unevenness is corrected
Adds colour & definition

PMU is a two part treatment. After the first treatment, a retouch will be booked approximately 6 weeks after your first visit when the skin has fully healed. Pigment particles remain in the skin but the colour will gradually fade over time which can be from 1 to 3 years. Throughout consultations and pre-treatment forms are undertaken with every client. Fully registered and accredited by Nouveau Contour.

To book an appointment, please telephone the salon 01543 481152

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22nd January 2016

Sothys Oriental Massage Ritual Makes Me Happy!

Body Treatments

I was asked to think about my favourite treatment. I enjoy so many of the beauty treatments offered it was difficult. I eventually decided  it had to be the Sothys Oriental Massage Ritual…why, because it is the most luxurious body pamper! You are left feeling so relaxed, skin glowing and bright! From the moment the treatment starts, the room is filled with the rich and warm aromatic fragrances of the spices and oils, it is an indulgence for all the senses. The therapist uses warm aromatic bags which allows for a firmer massage and for the muscles to relax and completely let go. From top to toe, your body unwinds with the delicate acoustic music, you drift off to a place of utter relaxation. You will be back to the happy, bright, YOU again :-)



11th August 2015

Which Nail System to Choose CALGEL or OPI Gel


The similarities shared by both nail systems are: they are 100% gel; this means that they do not damage the natural nail. Both these gel nail systems allow the nail to breath throughout each layer of gel applied during treatment; therefore, with regular treatment the nail remains healthy. In fact, the gel aids the growth of the nail and provides additional protection to weaker nails therefore, nails become even healthier. Both systems use a curing system; Calgel via a UV Lamp and OPI Gel an LED light.

The differences are; the thickness of the gel and the maintenance. Calgel is a thicker system and is ideal for very weak nails and nail extensions. OPI Gel works best on the average healthy nail and for those who want the thickness of nail lacquer and longer lasting results in gel.

Calgel will require you to come back to the salon for nail maintenance. Whereas OPI Gel there is a new application every time. Both systems offer home care kits so you can soak off the gel at home. Both systems are equally as good and designed with the optimum nail care and best results.

Whatever system you choose, your nail will look amazing, the condition of the nails enhanced and the gel colour fresh and shiny.


01st May 2015


CALGEL Nails , Wow!

Hi, it’s Sophie, I just wanted to let you know about the brilliant new offer we have at the moment with myself for Calgel Nail Extensions, normally £42 but I’m offering it to you for only £30 throughout May!

A lot of people wonder what Calgel is and why they should have it, this system is ideal for both on the natural nail and extensions. It is unique to the other gels on the market as it is a building gel; this means it can assist in the strengthening of the nails and dramatically improve the condition and aesthetic of the nails.

In comparison to other gels we use the infilling technique; so instead of soaking the gel off after a couple of weeks and reapplying; the gels will last approximately 3 to 4 infills before requiring a soak off and regel. This technique not only prevents weakening of the nail through over processing, it is also more cost effective to you.

If you opt for Calgel nail extensions you can be reassured they are also kind to the natural nails due to the technique of applying a layer of clear gel on the nail before the tip. As a result, the delicate nail bed is never effected by a Calgel maintenance, such as nail tip repair whereas other systems such as acrylic have a greater risk of the extensions setting into the nail bed and permanently damaging the nails.

Aftercare is so important in maintaining healthy nails and the upkeep of them. At BeautyQuest we like to supply all the aftercare products which include; top coat, cuticle oil, hand cream, cleanser, soak off and other tailored care products for the nails. You will never be stuck for choice of colours as we have a wide range for you to pick from, we opened up our pots earlier to show you all the choice you have.


02nd April 2015

Sothys Networking Event

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I would like to share with you my experiences of a fantastic four days consisting of Sothys networking, workshops & product demonstrations in Manchester.

I throughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss our experiences with Sothys treatments and try the facials for ourselves, this gave me further insight into what our clients experience, such as the amount of pressure to use through to the feel of different massage techniques.

My favourite treatment was the Eye Contour as it was different in that it specifically targets the eye area with great results. It reaffirmed to me that Sothys in-depth research into the ingredients really are innovative and exclusive; this event enabled me to appreciate their research and forward thinking nature – as I found from my results of trying the Eye Contour treatment.

I loved the porcelain spoons used on my eyes in the treatment as they have a duel function, to aid the creams penetrate the skin and the coolness of the spoons soothed and relieved pressure in the eye area. I had further benefits that I didn’t even expect, puffiness reduced, dark circles minimised, overall my eyes and eye area looked brighter.

We had lots of time to discuss different topics relating to treatments and during coffee breaks the chance to meet like minded people. I felt ready to go back to work happy to pass on my further Sothys knowledge to our clients.