30th January 2015

What Is Reiki?


Hi, I’m Sarah, I am passionate about beauty and wellbeing which marries perfectly with my strong holistic background. I carry out many wonderful holistic treatments at BeautyQuest and I also volunteer at a local Oncology unit performing holistic treatments. Seeing the wonderful results from the patients has made me even more aware of how valuable treatments like Reiki can really benefit someone from both inner and outer wellbeing.

Reiki restores natural balance to the body and can also provide deep relaxation, which can evoke a sense of peace and wellbeing on the emotions, mind, spirit, as well as the physical body. It is totally safe and appropriate making it suitable for everyone – children and adults. It benefits people in wonderful and extraordinary ways. Reiki can be performed sitting down or as we prefer, lying down to receive the full benefits of the treatment. It is based on energy fields and balancing the body, therefore my hands remain stationary, but hover a short distance away from the body in different areas for a few minutes to release the energy from myself and the client.

After the treatment you may experience a range of emotions and feelings, this is normal. I will always discuss how you found the treatment/feelings, advice on ways you can continue the benefits at home. I will always advise to drink plenty of water and rest to allow the body time to accept the Reiki.

I like thought provoking quotes and particularly this one as it makes you feel grounded “If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, put yourself in a bubble and imagine everyone bouncing off you.” I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog; if you would like to know more about Reiki or any other holistic treatment then, feel free to call the salon. Sarah :-)